Best Fertilizer for Citrus Trees & Citrus Tree Care

With the right care, a citrus plant can thrive in your home. They bring brilliant color and scent to any space they inhabit while producing fruit that's not only delicious but also nutritious for you! As long as these factors are met then caring for them will be easy peasy lemon squeezy: follow our top tips about watering/ lights Kenyan cosmopolitan blog post today so we know how much effort goes into making sure every last one of those gorgeous flowers has been nurtured properly.

Citrus Tree  Care

Citrus plants are one of the best houseplants to have because they thrive indoors with stable warmth and light. However, once it becomes cold out their fragile nature makes them require extra care so be sure you know what kind before growing! In order for your citrus plant's healthy growth don't forget about water consumption- on average these little fruits need 5-6 hours per day sunlight while being kept at least 80% humid environments too which will provide enough moisture in its leaves without excess watering needs during dry periods - just make certain not over do things by leaving some gaps between flowers or pruning away dead wood if needed ( February is an excellent time).

Best Fertilizer for Citrus Trees

If you want to grow healthy citrus trees, make sure they are fed regularly. In the growing period it’s best practice feed them every second watering with a high potassium food like Westland Citrus Feed (it boosts fruit set). Always start with a soil test to see if your tree(s) needs fertilizer. Citrus trees require slow-release liquid tree fertilizer & shrub fertilizer formula made for woody, viney & fibrous plants.