How to Apply Max Choice Fertilizer Guidelines

Guidelines for ArborMAX on ALL Trees and Shrubs:

  • Do not apply ArborMAX during the dormant period of the year to any tree or shrub.
  • Do not dilute ArborMAX for any application.
  • Spray or Pour ArborMAX directly onto the bark. Start at a height you can comfortably reach. Apply to all sides equally. If access to the trunks of trees or shrubs with heavy foliage is difficult, use a long handle on a spray hand can.
  • Any discolored, diseased, or damaged tree should receive a first aid application, then a maintenance rate application 30 days later. After the first 2 applications follow the maintenance recommendations. (See use chart for rates).
  • Some trees or shrubs will absorb ArborMAX more quickly than others. Continue to apply until the recommended amount of product has been used.
  • When transplanting trees or shrubs: use 8 oz. for trees or shrubs under 5 ft. tall and 16 oz. for trees over 5 ft. in the prepared transplant hole. Pour, dispersing evenly in the hole. Do not put ArborMAX directly on the tree until the tree has been transplanted for 120 days, then use the maintenance rate.


Guidelines for ArborMAX application on CONIFERS(Pines) and DECIDUOUS (Broadleaf) trees:

  • Healthy tree maintenance should include two applications per year (preferably Spring and Fall), (See Rate Chart).

Guidelines for ArborMAX application on all FRUIT bearing trees:

  • Healthy tree maintenance should include three applications per year. One in the fall, after the 1st heavy frost. The next application should be in the spring, pre bud. The third application when the fruit begins to fill. (See Rate Chart).
  • To help fruit trees in the Spring after frost has taken the blossoms, apply an additional first aid rate. The tree will set new buds!